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Ortigas & Company : The Galleon For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Glass Suites ₱ 19,143,000 - 54,884,000 75 sqm - 195 sqm
Glass Units ₱ 19,143,000 - 54,884,000 75 sqm - 195 sqm
Prime Suites ₱ 19,143,000 - 54,884,000 75 sqm - 195 sqm
Prime Units ₱ 19,143,000 - 54,884,000 75 sqm - 195 sqm
Regular Parking ₱ 1,800,000 - 2,200,000 12.5 sqm
Tandem Parking Slot ₱ 2,880,000 - 3,520,000 12.5 sqm + 12.5 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Spot Cash (90/10)
Reservation: Php 100,000
Discount 6% on TLP
Downpayment: 90% in 30 days
Balance: 10% upon turn-over
Deferred (50/50)
Reservation: Php 100,000
Discount 3% on TLP
Downpayment: 50% in 30 days
Balance: 50% over 72 months
Deferred (30/70)
Reservation: Php 100,000
Discount: 1% on TLP
Downpayment: 30% in 30 days
Balance: 70% over 72 months
Bank Financing (30-70)
Reservation: Php 100,000
Interest: Depending on prevailing bank rates
Downpayment: 30% over 24 months
Balance: 70% bank financing
Deferred (10/40/50)
Reservation: Php 100,000
Downpayment: 10% in 30 days
Amortization: 40% over 72 months
Balance: 50% upon turn-over
Deferred (10/30/30/30)
Reservation: Php 100,000
Downpayment: 30% in 30 days
Amortization: 30% over 72 months or 30% - 6 annual bullet payments
Balance: 30% upon turn-over

4 Major Reasons of Why You Should Invest in The Galleon

  • Strategic Location: The Ortigas Center is one of the most accessible central business districts in the metropolis but it is the most fast-rising because of redevelopments and relocation of several business establishments from other CBDs. It is also here where one can enjoy access to large commercial centers, top medical and educational institutions, and other important places. The area has multiple transport hubs and is traversed by Metro Manila’s major roads so transporting logistics, people, and other things are more convenient and quick.
  • Supported by Research: To make a business thrive and successful, you should have a future-proof development. Ortigas & Co. had commissioned a thermal analysis that includes the Outdoor Thermal Comfort Study. This study focuses on the interplay among the sun, wind, humidity, and temperature to give tenants, patrons, guests, residents, and even passers-by, the more pleasant experience inside and close to the Galleon.

    This same study also gives credence to the comfort and convenience of the guests and residents by providing ample shade and open spaces inside the office and residential projects where people need it.
  • Investment Opportunity: At the moment, the Ortigas Center is amidst redevelopment and a prime and most preferred business district in Metro Manila. As reported by Colliers International Philippines, land values in the Ortigas area are expected to soar by 22% to about Php37,000 per sq. m. by the first quarter of 2020. Current land values offer competitive prices for those who want to set-up an office in Ortigas. Experts advised more investors to invest in this major central business district before the prices of real estate rose next year.
  • Designed for Prosperity: The Galleon is aptly named to resemble a strong and multiple-decked ship filled with amazing and innovative ideas. The development is a collaboration by international architectural, engineering, and interior designers as well as local talents which Ortigas & Co. commissioned. The Galleon’s highlights are the Tower Spire, which symbolizes the mast of the ship; and the Tower Crown, which acts as the ship’s sail as it commands the ‘vessel’ to success.
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